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About us Masonanic Lighting co.,ltd is a professional manufacturer and solution provider for the high quality LED lighting products,the factory is located in Hangzhou city,  and we are specialize in manufacturing LED spotlights,LED Globes,G4,G9,G24,R7S, cabinet light, LED UFO lamp,LED Mosquito Lamp,LED plants grow lights, UV LED,Machine Tool Working Lamp,LED shadowless lamp/Operating lamp...

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Company: Masonanic Lighting Co.,Ltd

Contact: Mason Zhu

Tel: 0086-0571-67417749

Phone: 0086 18158173103

E-mail: mason.zhu@masonanic.com

Address: Linping Industrail Park,Linping Road,Yuhang District,Hanhgzhou City,Zhejiang,PRC

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